Presentations in LHC Machine Advisory Committee Meeting No. 12

Open Session
L. Evans Current status of LHC project (1.5 MB PDF)
L. Rossi Magnets: main dipole status, production (4.9 MB PDF)
F. Zimmermann Electron cloud progress (5 MB PDF)
L. Tavian Report on 1.8K cryogenic system tests (0.54 MB PDF)
Closed Session
T. Tortschanoff Short Straight Sections, status of fabrication (3.7 MB PDF)
A. Ijspeert Corrector magnets for Short Straight Sections, status of fabrication (0.4 MB PDF)
D. Leroy Superconducting cable production
N. Hilleret Electron cloud, scrubbing measurements (0.6 MB PDF)
W. Scandale Dipole magnets: implementation of magnet database, updates on alignment, geometry and multipole control. (0.52 MB PDF)
M. Modena Dipole magnets: industrialisation and uniformisation of production
P. Bonnal Update on installation and planning (7.9 MB PDF; this file uses special features of PDF, it may be better to download it and view it outside your Web browser)

Some additional references: 

ECLOUD'02 Workshop, CERN, 15-18 April 2002

Mini-Workshop on the SPS Scrubbing Run Results and Implications for the LHC 

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