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LHCMAC13 presentations, 13-15 March 2003

Open Session

L. Evans Current status of LHC project (1.8 MB PDF)

J.Strait Status of US contribution to LHC (1.9 MB PDF)

R. Bailey Running-in scenarios

R. Assmann Collimation system, beam loss, etc, (7.5 MB PDF) movie (2.6 MB PDF)

P. Bonnal Installation schedule (2.7 MB PDF)

Closed Session

F. Zimmermann Electron cloud progress (1.5 MB PDF)

H. Schmickler Beam Instrumentation (3.8 MB PDF), Movies: chromaticity 0, chromaticity 5  (1.2 MB PDF each) 

L. Rossi Main dipole status (3.3 MB PDF)

D. Leroy Superconducting cable production

W. Scandale Magnet Geometry (2.5 MB PDF)

E. Todesco Field quality update (0.4 MB PDF)

L. Bottura Field quality: warm-cold correlations and dynamic effects (0.8 MB PDF) 

S. Fartoukh Update on field quality consequences (0.1 MB PDF)

T. Tortschanoff Status of Quadrupoles

A. Ijspeert Corrector magnets

M. Harrison Report on Cost & Schedule Review

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