Documents relevant to LHC Machine Advisory Committee Meeting No. 2, 13-15 May 1996

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The following list may be incomplete and may be updated by electronic mail.

Please note that some references (e.g. the LHC Project Notes) are informal working documents, distributed locally.

Of course, the principal reference for most subjects is the LHC Conceptual Design Report (CERN/AC/95-05(LHC)).

In order to avoid wasteful distribution of large amounts of paper, I would like to ask you to respond by requesting paper copies of those documents which interest you. It may be possible to send copies electronically (e.g. Postscript files) or by fax to speed up delivery. Please give your preferences or say if a few days delay for normal air mail would be adequate.

Optics and Dynamic Aperture

See Part II, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Yellow Book. In addition the following references have been provided by J. P. Koutchouk:

LHC Project Notes:

T. Risselada, S. Weisz, `Long Term Tracking with LHC version 4.1 at injection', LHC Project Note 23, 1996.

dynamic aperture

S. Weisz, `Does Injection constrain the Dump Insertion Optics', LHC Project Note 24, 1996.

optics, injection, dump

A. Verdier, `Operational Q-shifts and $b_2$ compensation in LHC', LHC Project Note 26, 1996.

optics, quadrupole, tune-shift

F. Schmidt, `Dynamic Aperture Study for LHC version 4.1', LHC Project Note 30, 1996.

dynamic aperture

A. Faus-Golfe, J.P. Koutchouk, A. Verdier, `Analysis and Improvement of the Dispersion Matching in LHC', LHC Project Note 32, 1996.

optics, lattice

F. Schmidt, `Strength Requirements for the Arc Sextupoles of LHC version 4.1' LHC Project Note 38, 1996.


J.B. Jeanneret, `Constraints for the injection straight section in the LHC', LHC Project Note 40, 1996.

injection, optics, collimation

Q. Qin, S. Weisz, `Dynamic Aperture versus systematic multipole order in LHC version 4.1', LHC Project Note 42, 1996.

dynamic aperture

J. F. Miles, `Concerning the Strength of Closed Orbit Correction Dipoles in the Arcs of LHC V4.2', LHC Project Note 43, 1996.

closed orbit

SL/AP Notes

J.P. Koutchouk, `Gradient Requirement for the LHC Arc Quadrupole', SL-Note 96-27(AP), 1996.

optics, quadrupole

LHC Notes

J.P. Koutchouk, `Interpretation of the systematic betatron coupling in LHC and its correction', LHC Note 287, 1994.

optics, coupling

J.P. Koutchouk, `Correction of the systematic and random betatron coupling in LHC with an application to LHC version 2', LHC Note 306, 1995.

optics, coupling

Collimation, beam cleaning

J.B. Jeanneret gives the following references:

Yellow Book Part II, Chapter 4 & Section 3.6;

Particle Accelerators 1995 (50) 287. This is also available as CERN/SL Report 95-03 and in Postscript form.

Interaction region design

Yellow Book, Part III, Section 1.5

Multi-bunch instabilities

Yellow Book, Part II, Section 3.8

F. Ruggiero, in Montreux Workshop, Particle Accelerators Vol. 50 (1995) 83.

(Committee members already have copies of this volume.)

RF, feedback

Yellow Book, Part II, Chapter 5


Yellow Book, Part III, Chapter 4

Quench protection

Yellow Book, under

1) Part III, 1.2.2 Cables. Expected quench characteristics and temperature margin.

2) Part III, 1.7 Magnet Quench Protection.

More info. re 1) above is given in a paper given at MT14 (Proceedings not yet published), but which is also LHC Note 333 ("Quench Protection Results and Comparative Simulations on the first 10 m Prototype Dipoles for LHC" by F.Rodriguez-Mateos et al).

Recent info. re "cold diodes" in LHC Note 353. "Behaviour of the LHC Magnet Protection Diodes Irradiated in a Nuclear Reactor at 4,6K with Intermediate Annealing" by V.Berland, D.Hagedorn,H.Gerstenberg.

Magnet Status Report

Planning and logistics

G. .Bachy, P. Bonnal and P. Faugeras, LHC Project Report 1. (Copy being sent to committee members.)

John Jowett, 17/4/96