Documents relevant to LHC Machine Advisory Committee Meeting No. 3, 11-13 Novmeber 1996

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Please note that some references (e.g. the LHC Project Notes) are informal working documents, distributed locally.

Of course, the principal reference for most subjects is the LHC Conceptual Design Report (CERN/AC/95-05(LHC)).

In order to avoid wasteful distribution of large amounts of paper, I would like to ask you to respond by requesting paper copies of those documents which interest you. It may be possible to send copies electronically (e.g. Postscript files) or by fax to speed up delivery. Please give your preferences or say if a few days delay for normal air mail would be adequate.

This list is still being compiled. Please look again later.

Optics and Dynamic Aperture

See Part II, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Yellow Book.

Report from Working Group on Dynamic Effects

LHC Project Note 67, gives background information on the Dynamic effects working group.

The workshop on this topic has been moved to the beginning of February.