Documents relevant to LHC Machine Advisory Committee Meeting No. 5, 25-27 May 1998

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A principal reference for most subjects is the LHC Conceptual Design Report (CERN/AC/95-05(LHC)).

LHC Project Reports

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Magnet Interconnections

 Cryogenic sectorisation
  • LHC Project Note 127
  • LHC Project Note 106

Vacuum and Electron Cloud

Optics and Dynamic Aperture

Several reports are to be published in a few weeks, especially one on dynamic aperture studies.
A partial list:  


  • Optics Constraints imposed by the injection in IR2 and IR8, O. Bruening and J.B. Jeanneret, LHC Project Note 141 (May 1998)
  • Design Principles of the High Luminosity Insertions in V5, S. Weisz, LHC Project Note 123 (Dec 97)
  • Chromatic properties of the LHC Lattice version 5 at injection, J.P. Koutchouk, LHC Project Note 113 (Oct 97)
  • Perturbation of the optics due to the LHC experimental solenoids, L. Leunissen, LHC Project Note 139 (April 98)
  • Correction of the vertical dispersion in LHC, F. Meot (US/LHC), LHC Project Note 122 (Dec 97)
  • Compensation of the dispersion due to the crossing angle in physics conditions, A. Verdier, LHC Project Note 105 (Sept. 97)
  • Quadrupole alignment and close orbit in LEP: a test ground for LHC, J. Wenninger, LHC Project Note 104 (Aug. 97)
  • Phase between IP's and non-linear chromaticity, A. Verdier, LHC Project Note 103 (Aug. 97)


  • Cascade simulation for the betatron cleaning insertion, I Azhgirey et al. LHC Project Note 121 (Dec 97)
  • Geometrical acceptance in LHC v5.0, J.B. Jeanneret and R. Ostojic, LHC Project Note 111 (Sept. 97)
  • LHC betatron collimation and non-linear effects at injection, N. Catalan and J.B. Jeanneret, LHC project Note 101 (aug. 97)
The above list does not include papers to the Vancouver conference which took place before the 4th MAC.

General references:


These references are carried over from the previous LHCMAC:

Quadrupoles and Straight Sections

These references are carried over from the previous LHCMAC:
  • T. Tortschanoff, V. Parma, P. Rohmig, M. Peyrot, J.M. Rifflet, P.Védrine, D. Vincent, THE SHORT STRAIGHT SECTIONS FOR THE LHC, PAC'97, LHC Project Report 105.
  • K. Henrichsen et al., Cryogenic and mechanical measurements of the first two LHC lattice quadrupole prototypes, Proc. EPAC 94, London, UK, 27 June to 1 June 1994; LHC Note 279.
  • P. Védrine et al., Mechanical tests on the prototype LHC lattice quadrupole, Proc. MT13, Victoria, Canada, 20 to 24 September 1993.
  • P. Genevey et al., Cryogenic tests of the first two LHC quadrupole prototypes, Proc. ASC 94, Boston, USA, 16 to 21 October 1994.
  • A. Devred et al., Field quality of LHC/Saclay arc quadrupole magnet prototype, Proc. EPAC 96, Sitges, Spain, 10 to 14 June 1996.
  • A. Devred et al., Dynamic field quality of LHC/Saclay arc quadrupole magnet prototype, PAC97, Vancouver, Canada, 12 to 16 May 1997.


These references are carried over from the previous LHCMAC: JMJ
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